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Sioux Falls


Lisa VanOverbeke

Administrative Assistant
Work: 605-275-5269

Lynette DeJong

Rehab Administrative Assistant
Work: 605-275-5286

Monica Kneip

Administrative Assistant
Work: 605-275-5276

Morgan Wieker

Administrative Assistant
Work: 605-275-5254

Nate Benz

Internal IT Administrator
Personal: 605-333-9810

Senior Management

Christopher W Madsen, J.D.

General Counsel, Director of Operations
Work: (605) 275-5267

Dan Eggers

Controller, HR, IT Mgr
Work: (605) 275-5260

Debbie Behrend, AIC, CPIW

Marketing Director, Multi-Line Adjuster
Work: 605-275-5262

Jeff Jares, AIC, AIM

President, Multi-Line General Adjuster
Work: 605-275-5251

Claims Adjusters

Blake Dykstra

Multi-Line Adjuster, Appraiser
Work: 605-275-5248

Chad Moore HCRI-R/C

Heavy Equipment Specialist, Multi-Line Adjuster, Appraiser
Work: 605-275-5272

Craig Matson, CPCU, AIC

Casualty General Adjuster, Litigation Specialist
Work: 605-275-5277

David Sendelbach, CPCU, AIC

Multi-Line Adjuster, Casualty General Adjuster, Casualty Supervisor
Work: 605-275-5268

Jennifer Andrisen Selzler, SCLA, AIC, CPIW, CSRP, SDWCS

Work Comp Claims Manager, Multi-Line Adjuster
Work: 605-275-5250

Joe Jares, HCRI-R/C

Multi-Line Adjuster
Work: (605)-275-5273

Mike Weckman, HCRI-R/C

Multi-Line Adjuster
Work: (605)275-5283

Nancy Almendinger, SCLA, SDWCS

Work Comp Adjuster, Work Comp Supervisor
Work: 605-275-5263

Tim Wieker, SCLA, AIC, HCRI-R/C

Property & Casualty Manager, Multi-Line Adjuster, Property General Adjuster
Work: 605-275-5257

Wade Eastman

Multi-Line Adjuster
Work: 605-275-5249

Wendi Peterson, AIC

Work Comp Adjuster
Work: 605-275-5255

Case Management

Deb Whipple RN, BA, CCM

Case Management Director, Nurse Case Manager
Work: 605-275-5252

Kelly Rud RN, BA, LNCC, CCM

Nurse Case Manager , Legal Nurse Consultant Certified
Work: 605-275-5284

Rapid City

Rapid City Claims Office

Bruce Eleeson

Multi-Line Senior Adjuster
Personal: 605-791-5565 Work: 605-791-5565

Ethan Kellett

Multi-Line Adjuster
Work: 605-275-5285

John Keffeler, AIC

Multi-Line Adjuster, Property General Adjuster
Personal: 605-791-5565 Work: 605-791-5565

Tucker Michels

Multi-Line Adjuster
Work: 605-275-5299