Jennifer Andrisen Selzler, WC Manager with Claims Associates, continues involvement with Kids’ Chance

Recently Claims Associates WC Manager, Jennifer Andrisen Selzler, was on KELO, speaking of a non-profit organization that is especially important to her, Kids’ Chance of South Dakota.

A little background for those of you who many not be familiar with this organization…. Kids’ Chance of America was formed by Georgia workers’ compensation lawyer Bob Clyatt in 1988. His vision was to provide all children affected by a parent’s work related injury or death the ability to pursue their educational dreams without financial burden. Currently, Kids’ Chance organizations exist in 47 states, including South Dakota. The South Dakota Kids’ Chance was incorporated in 2015 by Sioux Falls attorneys Mike McKnight, Rick Orr and Renee Christensen. Kids’ Chance of South Dakota has awarded scholarships to deserving young men and women in every year of its existence and presently have nine individuals on scholarships.

Jennifer was on the scholarship committee for Kids’ Chance of SD’s first scholarship term in 2016. She became President in January 2020, and will start her third term in January 2022. Jennifer advises Kids’ Chance of SD has awarded over $135,000 in scholarships. They have established a new goal of $50,000 in scholarships per year to 10 qualified students.

Claims Associates encourages all their team members to become engaged in community service that they believe in. Jennifer sets an excellent example. Thanks Jen!



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