Jeff Jares, President, Multi-Line General Adjuster

Interview with Jeff Jares, President of Claims Associates, Inc

In case you missed it on our FaceBook page, please check out an interview with Jeff Jares, President of Claims Associates, Inc. (CAI), Sioux Falls, and Vaney Hariri of Think 3D Solutions. Click this link to watch:

CAI believes that to not only maintain the progress and success of the company, but to also grow, it is necessary to stay abreast of how business and our industry is evolving. This is part of what brought Jeff and the Leadership team to Think 3D. He believes culture is something every business should care about. So does Think 3D.

Claims Associates has been in business for over 25 years, and it’s essential to our continued growth that we cultivate a culture that is welcoming to new potential employees as well as our current team.

When you give a claim to CAI, you get the entire team and hundreds of years experience. It doesn’t matter what adjuster is handling the claim, there is an army of support, experience and resources behind them to help with questions and issues that may come up during the claim process. Our goal is to ensure that same strength and experience will continue even as some team members may retire.



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