Claims Associates employees make wreaths in team building

Team Building essential to Claims Associates employees

Claims Associates, Inc Workers’ Compensation team combining their efforts to create some holiday decor.

Is team building important among co-workers? You bet. Can you have fun at the same time? No question!

When the Rehab Associates employees were all recently together in Sioux Falls, they took advantage of the opportunity to do some team building. Rehab Associates confronts Escape Room – and wins! The Escape Room has a focus on constructing puzzles to facilitate team building and getting the mind going. All members of the team contributed and sucessfully esaped, and even found proof of Alien life! Congratulations to the team.

Through teamwork, the dream works.

The Claims Associates Workers’ Compensation team had their own team building. They gathered at Cliff Avenue Greenhouse to create some holiday decorations and have some fun. A bit of creativity can definitely expand the mind. Everyone helped each other to make the very best creation. And thanks to Cliff Avenue Greenhouse for hosting.

Together Everyone Achieves More!



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