Chris Madsen competes at Gourmet Guys

Chris Madsen competes at Gourmet Guys

On April 30th, Center for Active Generations held their 16th Annual Gourmet Guys Event. This year, Claims Associates very own Chris Madsen competed! If you are not familiar with this event, local business men choose their own favorite recipe and prepare enough “samples” for all participants to try. This entails preparing, cooking and providing enough food for 600 participants. There is then voting for the coveted Peoples Choice Award.

Chris and his sous chef, Eric Schulte, chose to make Boules Bourguignon, which were meatballs in a sauce. It was delicious!

If you’ve not attended this event in the past, mark your calendar for April 2018, it is a gastric delight. And earns very important fund-raising dollars for the Center for Active Generations. At Claims Associates, we take supporting our community seriously, but like to have a bit of fun while we do so.



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