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I have been doing this long enough to know that when folks are not happy with a situation they are quick to complain to the boss but unfortunately they are not quite as quick to let the boss know when things are going well.  I wanted to take a minute to give Chris (Madsen) and the CAI team an "Atta Boy" for the work done….. his strategizing and discussions with defense counsel were a factor in our ultimately getting out of the matter on a summary judgement…...  It was a real team effort and Chris was out front leading the charge.  We truly appreciate all that he and the rest of your team do for our program!  




"I thought the adjuster (Chad Moore) did a good job explaining what he thought needed to be done....he seemed very good.... "

Insurance company Customer Feedback


"Advise Cory (Beck) great job on his first report and providing so much information.

Thanks, "


Insurance company


"The claim that Tim (Wieker) had done for me was great.  I certainly would definitely use you again"
S. C.

Insurance Company


Chris & Jeff,

Thank you for the great work your team does for ASBPT!  While I have felt this way since day one and our members sing your praises, it is great to hear from a nonbiased party.  Please congratulate your team as well for their hard work and persistence.


Thanks again,



Holly Nagel, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Director of Protective Trust Services

Associated School Boards of South Dakota


Thank you...I truly would like to let your superior know how helpful and informative (not to mention tolerant, LOL) you were with this matter.  Thank you again.   (a thanks to Kimberly Rausch)


..."received a contractor estimate on this claim today for $37,607.00.  Your estimate was $37,007.45.  Good job"...

Insurance Company


The Claim Supervisors and staff demonstrate good claims handling ability and they have substantial experience in handling complex and detailed liability claims.  The staff has remained extraordinarily stable within Claims Associates; most of the staff has extensive tenure with Claims Associates.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to you, your family and all the group at Claims Associates.  You all helped make a really tough year more manageable.  I appreciate all of you.

Insurance Company

Thank you Kim (Curry) and Chad (Moore).  Fantastic job on Chad's part, Thank you so much.

Insurance Company


Thank you again for taking time to do such a nice job.... giving us a detailed estimate.  You did an awesome job and got this done quickly.  Thank you so much for all your hard work.


Investigation historically has always been a real strength for Claims Associates and the review confirms those findings.  Their claim investigative skills are adjusting at its finest.  Four out of eight files involved field investigative work.  The investigations were all in-depth and pursued until all avenues were explored.... All eight files contained a clear analysis of liability in the claim notes and captioned reports.

M.L. - Auditor


Thank you for your great service....  I don't get many of these (comments below from agent), it's nice to know we have the right people assisting us.  ".... stopped in today and said an adjuster stopped by.  ...said he was a very nice guy and he was very satisfied with their service. ....nice to have a customer make a special trip to stop and tell you they are satisfied."

Insurance Company

Thank you Cory Beck for all the work and effort ….. regarding repairs to the  foundation.  You’re the only one that listened and cared and got results.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your work and effort …. You’ve been a big blessing.

Daisy Margeas

Chris (Madsen), thank you for the presentation today, you hit the ball out of the park and it is very much appreciated.  I know your presentation had a big impact and made a difference, thank you.

Craig Ambach
Executive Director of the PEPL Fund/Office of Risk Management
Litigation Manager for the Governor
Manager South Dakota Captive Insurance Companies
Bureau of Administration 

Thank you so much for all you have done  & being there for us during the healing process of T’s accident. You have been a tremendous rock for us to lean on & ask questions.

Employee Spouse


“met with  …Commission Assistant….. yesterday to complete an annual …. coverage review.  He was extremely pleased with the excellent claims service and timeliness of the check for the recent total loss to their vehicle.  … Blake (Dykstra) was the adjuster. 
I always receive great feedback for Claims Associates Inc services……. so positive on his claim’s experience.
Thanks for the excellent work”
Self Funded client


"I can’t say enough about the job Claims Associates does, if only they were nationwide!"



“can’t say enough about my case manager … Provided outstanding customer service…goes above and beyond to provide support and assistance… lucky to have such a dedicated employee”

South Dakota


"files have benefited from the involvement of Jeff Jares. He continues to be a driving force in moving the claims, many of them complex, to successful resolution...expertise is exceptional. Claims...roundtabled allowing for review and consensus on the issues. The adjusters are not only performing field investigations they are attending depositions, settlement conferences, mediations and trials..."


"we found investigations of compensability of workers' compenstion claims are appropriate...excellent effort to recover subrogation where appropriate...payment of compensation and medical bills timely and appropriate"

J.Y., M.S.
Independent Auditor

"we are very pleased with Cory's report and his excellent and thorough investigation of this claim"

Insurance Company