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Workers' Compensation

Claims Associates understands when an employee is injured, it impacts your organization.  We work with employers and employees to return injured employees to good health, maximum medical improvement, and functional recovery while minimizing lost work days and controlling employers’ health care costs.

Our claims management procedures allow our professional claims examiners to actively maintain control of your claims and resolve them in the most efficient manner, saving you time and money.

Effective cost management of workers’ compensation claims starts at the time of the injury .  We utilize our experienced, professional staff and proven processes to minimize claim costs and soften that impact.

A work injury is typically a new experience for most employees, so they are looking for guidance. That guidance, whether from the employer or the claims handling side, makes a difference.  Early engagement with an employee after an injury helps set expectations and eases employee  frustrations and anxious moments.

This will be accomplished through:
•    Prompt, thorough investigations involving comprehensive inquires into all relevant aspects of the claim
•    Confirmation of proper treatment, a treatment plan and treatment guidelines
•    Ongoing case and file review
•    Timely and accurate reserving
•    Medical bill and fee schedule discounting

Our adjusters specialize in Workers' Compensation claims in SD, IA and WY.

Adjusters Specializing in Workers' Compensation:

Sioux Falls

Christopher W Madsen, J.D.
General Counsel, Director of Operations
(605) 275-5267
Jeff Jares, AIC, AIM
President, Multi-Line General Adjuster
Jennifer Andrisen Selzler, SCLA, AIC, CPIW, CSRP, SDWCS
Work Comp Claims Manager, Multi-Line Adjuster
Kimberly Rausch, AIC, SDWCS, LPCS, WCLA
Work Comp Adjuster
Nancy Almendinger, SCLA, SDWCS
Work Comp Adjuster, Work Comp Supervisor
Wendi Peterson, AIC
Work Comp Adjuster