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Casualty Claims

At Claims Associates, when it comes to casualty claims, strong relationships and expertise are at the forefront of our excellent claim services.

Our adjusters bring a high level of experience to each and every casualty claim.  Our services include limited task assignments to full adjustments, based on your needs and instructions.  We provide a  prompt, thorough investigation, including face-to-face contact as directed by you. This assists us in controlling  the claim and claim costs as we move towards an appropriate conclusion. Through aggressive claims handling and management, we will strive for a common objective of settling valid claims in a fair and equitable manner for all parties.

We handle a wide variety of casualty claims, some of which include:

  • Personal Injury
  • Auto Liability
  • Product Liability
  • General Liability
  • Professional Malpractice
  • Fidelity and Surety Bonds
  • Professional Liability
  • Public Officials Liability
  • Police Professional Liability
  • Construction Defects Liability

Our adjusters specialize in casualty claims in SD, IA, MN, MT, NE, ND and WY.

Adjusters Specializing in Casualty Claims:

Sioux Falls

Blake Dykstra
Multi-Line Adjuster, Appraiser
Christopher W Madsen, J.D.
General Counsel, Director of Operations
(605) 275-5267
Craig Matson, CPCU, AIC, AIC CPCU
Casualty General Adjuster, Litigation Specialist
David Sendelbach, CPCU, AIC
Multi-Line Adjuster, Casualty General Adjuster, Casualty Supervisor
Jeff Jares, AIC, AIM
President, Multi-Line General Adjuster
Jennifer Andrisen Selzler, SCLA, AIC, CPIW, CSRP, SDWCS
Work Comp Claims Manager, Multi-Line Adjuster
Joe Jares, HCRI-R/C
Multi-Line Adjuster
Mike Weckman, HCRI-R/C
Multi-Line Adjuster
Nancy Almendinger, SCLA, SDWCS
Work Comp Adjuster, Work Comp Supervisor
Nick Hemme, AIC, HCRI-R/C, AIC
Multi-Line Adjuster
Tim Wieker, SCLA, AIC, HCRI-R/C
Property & Casualty Manager, Multi-Line Adjuster, Property General Adjuster
Wade Eastman, AIC
Multi-Line Adjuster

Rapid City

Bruce Eleeson
Multi-Line Senior Adjuster
Ethan Kellett
Multi-Line Adjuster
John Keffeler, AIC
Multi-Line Adjuster, Property General Adjuster
Tucker Michels
Multi-Line Adjuster