Seasonal Adjuster added to Claims Associates Sioux Falls office

Claims Associates is excited to announce that we have added a seasonal adjuster.  A big part of our commitment to our customers is to be available to assist our customers when they need us.  One of the biggest times of need is STORMS!  No surprise to anyone, when the storms hit, everyone becomes swamped with work.  Since this is a focus of our existence, we especially feel the impact.  Our adjusters have to work hard, and spend more time on their work than they normally do.  This will allow us more capacity to still be there when you need us.  This added adjuster will be here to help with additional claims overflow and allow our team to continue to provide the same quality service you are used to.

Drake Bachmeier has been working with us for over a month now, learning from the others how to adjust property claims.  Because Drake is a teacher, it’s a perfect fit for a seasonal role since most storms generally hit between May and September.  In the past, he has spent his summers painting, as he likes to stay busy and not take his summers off.

A little more about Drake…

He is from the Sioux Falls area and has spent his whole life in South Dakota.  He attended Washington High School, then received his BA in Education, majoring in PE and Special Education at USD.  He went on to obtain his Masters in Education Leadership at USF.

Drake has taught at Lincoln High; taught and also was principal at Miller; then returned to the Sioux Falls School District in 2022.  Currently he is teaching science at Lincoln High.

In addition to teaching, Drake has coached wrestling and football.  He also enjoys golf, hunting and fishing, reading, and spending time with family.  He and his wife live in Sioux Falls with their 3 young boys.



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