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CAI & RA display as vendor at SDCA conference
Claims Assoc employees attend SDCA, and participate as vendor, at annual conference

SDCA Annual Conference, attended by CAI


The South Dakota Claims Association (SDCA) held their annual Claims Seminar and golf outing in June. This was the 59th Annual and was held at the Grand Falls Casino and Resort in Larchwood, Iowa.  Claims Associates, as well as several other companies, support this annual outing so it may continue to benefit those in the adjusting field in South Dakota and surrounding areas.

Though much of this annual conference is about social and networking opportunities, it is still focused on it’s core belief to provide education opportunities to those in the claims adjusting industry.  Another key component is the vendor fair which is supported by many companies that do business with the adjusters.

The 2018 speakers and topics were as follows:

  • Chad Babcock with the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Asbestos and Federal Laws and Regulations Pertaining Thereto
  • Jason Biggins and Gary Snow with Prairie Environmental and Snow & Associates - Asbestos Hazards and Abatement and OSHA Requirements
  • Derek Nelson of Fuller & Williamson LLP - Bad FaithIissues and How to Avoid Them
  • Brad Lauritsen of KEP Engineers Architects and Forensic Experts  - Construction Defects
  • Brandon Grimes of Anderson Engineering - 3D Imagery and Use of Drones

Those attending from Claims Associates, Inc included:

                Chad Moore
                Tim Wieker
                Cory Beck
                Kay Greve
                Dave Sendelbach
                Dave Johnston
                Collin Karsky
                Blake Dykstra
                Joe Jares
                Alex Mentele
                Mike Weckman

Claims Associates has two of their employees on the SDCA board, Cory Beck - Membership and Chad Moore - Golf Chair.

We are grateful for these opportunities for our staff to network with other claims professionals and also further their knowledge and education.

By: Deb Behrend